Let your feelings of nostalgia awaken after you see this Pokemon fan retrospective

This beautiful Pokémon series showcase shows one fans love for the franchise

A Japanese Pokémon fan has put together a stunning retrospective on the main series. It’d be easy to be fooled into thinking this is something The Pokémon Company made themselves, but it’s the world of the 進化の軌跡チャンネル YouTube channel. This look back at the series includes every main entry of Pokémon (no Stadiums or Rangers, etc.) and really puts into perspective how far the series has come. Hit the jump to take a look!

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Revisit Sohma Clan With Funimation “Fruits Basket” Sweet Sixteen Series Set Promo

Release scheduled for August 1st

Last fall, time for the 15th anniversary of the adaptation of Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket, Japan get a Blu-ray set of Akitaro Daichi and Studio Deen’s beloved shoujo anime. Since North America is getting it his year, Funimation is calling it their Sweet Sixteen set. A new preview reintroduces the characters. Get a look after the  jump.

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Japan Box Office: “Crimson Love Letter” Becomes Top-Grossing Film in Conan Franchise

The 21st film will surpass 5 million ticket sales in Japan soon

As expected, the 21st Detective Conan feature film Crimson Love Letter delivered a very good 117 million yen even in its 7th weekend of May 27-28. The film’s total domestic gross now tops 6.35 billion yen, surpassing last year’s 20th film Pure Black Nightmare (6.33 billion yen) and becoming the highest grossing film in the Detective Conan film series.

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See How “Dragon Quest XI” is Shaping Up on PS4 in New Screens

Next entry in the series is coming to PS4, 3DS, and Switch

The latest Dragon Quest XI hands-on preview recently went up on 4Gamer, bringing with it a handful of screenshots of the PS4 version. Check out some of the Samadhi region—including a look at horse racing, battles, and other features—in the batch after the jump.

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Fae Band Yosei Teikoku Unleashes the Tarot with New Album

Japanese purchases of “flamma idola” to come with limited-edition tarot cards.

The Empress of the Faeries has a special gift for her subjects. Select stores in Japan will be offering limited-edition tarot-style cards along with Yosei Teikoku’s upcoming release, flamma idola. Preview the art and find out where they’re available after the jump.

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BookWalk Global To Host “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” At Anime Expo 2017

This will be the first North American convention appearance for this best-selling light novel author

BookWalker has announced that light novel author Fujino Omori, the creator of fantasy-comedy series Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? will be their special guest at Anime Expo 2017 on July 1-4, 2017 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This will be the first N orth American convention appearance for this best-selling light novel author. More after the jump.

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Flash News Tiny Bites: Volume 1 for Week of May 15, 2017

Flash News Tiny Bites is a sparkling brand new blog series bringing you a curated digest of some of the BEST of the past week’s news stories, just in case you happened to miss some of them, (and they were the ones that the editor (that’s Me) thought you would be the most interested in. All the stories will have links to the source article, so that if you wanted to read more on a particular item that sparked your interest you can check out the rest of the article.…

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“High School Fleet” Hoists Anchor with “Yokosuka Curry Festival 2017”

Collaboration includes limited edition character goods at 2 days food festival in Mikasa Park

The girls of 2016 TV anime High School Fleet are setting up shop at the “Yokosuka Curry Festival 2017”, an event that celebrates the culinary world of curry and that is held on June 03 – 04, 2017, at Mikasa Park in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Hit the jump to learn more.

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Hajime Kamoshida and Kiseki Himura Team Up For Original Anime

As-yet-untitled project was originally teased on April 01, 2017, and thought to be an April Fool’s Day joke

According to a “flying get” report from the cover of the July issue of Gakken’s Megami Magazine, light novelist Hajime Kamoshida (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou) and artist Kiseki Himura (Tawawa on Monday) are combining their talents for an as-yet-untitled new anime project with animation production by Pine Jam (Mahou Shoujo Nante Mouiidesukara). Hit the jump to learn more.

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Teach Those Rotten Adults A Lesson With Your Own “Persona 5” Futaba Sakura Figure

This latest Phantom Thief bishoujo figure is offered by Phat! with Good Smile Company distributing the December release

We when posted about the upcoming Ann Takamaki Persona 5 figure you all responded “we want Makoto!” Well, here’s… Futaba! This latest Phantom Thief bishoujo figure is offered by Phat! with Good Smile Company distributing the December release. Morgana tags along to help. Check out the figure after the jump.

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