If you were curious how you watched anime on Crunchyroll in 2016 check out their infographic

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If we thought 2017 started out being a solid year for anime so far, 2016 was an amazing year!!! It became literally impossible to keep up with all the new series starting up on a given season, let alone trying to play catch up with all the other shows I missed. Holy Merde!!!!

Like many of you, I stream shows on Crunchyroll predominately. But I also stream on Funimation, Amazon Video through their new channel Anime Strike, Hulu (yes, they still have some anime shows but you need to have a subscription in order to view them; all the free content was ported to Yahoo View) and of course Netflix.

What piqued my curiosity at all times and at every site that I stream shows is how do they know which ones I’ve watched. There’s a view history on my account, of course and they can check that way. But how do they know what other things I watch on a given day. When you have an account, especially on Crunchyroll, you may have noticed the text at the top of the screen: “Exclusive stream for__account username______” I thought that was one way they can verify which streams a user is viewing and they know when (the date and time) it’s being viewed. Well, that’s the technical way to guess at their methodology. But perhaps there’s another way they do it. My other guess is that it has to do with marketing. And in order to see which shows are getting the most love, so that they can get other shows that would do equally as well with fans. The way they figure out those numbers and what-not falls in with the magic of marketing. But how do they do it? How do they know what shows were watched, how they were watched, what shows got re-watched, binged, etc. The info below should answer all curious questions!

Miles Thomas, who “crunched” the numbers and compiled the data, says of his methodology:

We looked at user behavior across all new titles that started airing in 2016 and how they were consumed.
For the most-watched by device ones, we compared what was watched by app compared to how much total consumption took place on each app, among new simulcasts.
New episodes of Yuri!!! On ICE were viewed in the first hour of release compared to total viewership more often on average than any other new show, but Re:ZERO 25 had the record for the highest % of views that took place within that hour compared to total views.
Dragon Ball Super being most binge-watched makes a lot of sense, because we released 70 episodes in the course of a month – people enjoyed watching 10 episodes of that show at a time.
Space Patrol Luluco was most popular among users who watched at least 50 different series in 2016 compared to what the average CR user watched – it’s a purely comparative datapoint, rather than Luluco being rawly the most popular among that crowd.
Most re-watched is based on how many times the first three episodes were re-watched on the same account – that’s why even shows that ended in December were some of the top picks.
The ratio of people who watched Orange in the quarter *after* it aired to how many people watched it the quarter *while it was airing* was highest for Orange.

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