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Kitsune Yaoi Otaku (“Yaoi Obsession” and “Crazy Fujoshi”) is a mega fan site featuring both curated (collected) content (by way of industry news, images and video clips posted from around the web) and original anime and manga creative content from the author’s personal collections. Therefore, the site operates under the Fair Use provision of the U.S Copyright law. Images and video clips posted here are either ones that are part of the author’s personal collection or ones that were ‘free’ web finds. Those contents that were found elsewhere, other than the owner’s try to the best of ability to provide proper attribution to the original creators if known. Material from other creators posted here are under Fair Use. Therefore,  no copyright infringement is intended.

With the great power that comes with being both editor and publisher,  there comes an even greater responsibility of, not only protecting our site’s content from infringement or theft. There’s also the obligation to protect and respect the content of others within and outside the internet community posted here as part of our curated collections. It’s been a promise that has not been made lightly and it’s one that became deeply ingrained over the years of running blogs. Part of this promise was to treat all material posted on all sites with the same level of respect that would be paid to the editor’s own creative works. It is the core belief that one must do one’s due diligence to ensure the rights of others are held to a similar or even higher level of respect and consideration. The editor does not guarantee nor warrant that a theft or infringement won’t occur on or from this site; however, all effort will be made in order to deter it. For all material that is not expressly our own property (i.e., anime stills we’ve collected from our videos; manga sample page scans, as well as any and all original written content), including web finds and other sources, we will do our best to give proper attribution to the original creators wherever possible and if available.

A couple of things must be noted:

  1. Unless otherwise stated on either the post or page, all material posted on this blog is the expressed property of the owner of
  2. Unless otherwise stated elsewhere, all material on this blog or any site affiliated with is copyrighted to Elspeth Chagall. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized copying, reproducing, distributing any part of this blog in whole or in part is in direct violation of Federal and International Copyright Laws and Treaties. 
  3. Material presented on this blog, other than what is the owner’s personal property, will be provided proper attribution as per Fair Use provision of US Copyright Law.
  4. All material posted on this blog is within Fair Use guidelines for the purposes of discussion, critique and commentary and no copyright infringement is intended. 
  5. If you find something posted here that you don’t want or gave permission to post here that you belief is infringing on your copyright, we will gladly and quickly honor your request and remove it as long as you can provide us proof in good faith that you are the original creator of the work in question. All take-down requests must be made in writing. No exceptions. Failure to provide proper proof of ownership of the work in question, or if it’s found you are not the original owner of the work in question, after placing in a false take-down notice,  will result in your request being ignored and/or deleted. It could also result in possible legal action.  Any questions please see our DMCA notice page.

Unless otherwise noted on other pages/posts of this blog site, Yaoi Obsession is under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

If you have any questions in regard to our Copyright Policy, please contact us using the Contact Form below:

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