Meet the Wapuu!

Those who attend WordCamp for WordPress every year will already be acquainted with this adorable little guy.
Meet Wapuu (わぷー)
The unofficial mascot of WordCamps all over the world.
I recently attended WordCamp 2015 in my awesome hometown of Philadelphia, PA, USA and that was where I was introduced to Wapuu and it became love at first sight. I was then on the hunt for any and all things Wapuu. And since I do all my blog sites in WordPress, it only made sense as well as that this blog is a fan site of anime and manga, as well as other things pertaining to Japanese culture, I wanted this adorable character to grace my blog and serve as mascot here as well.

But who is Wapuu and how did he come to be?

The Legend of Wapuu

From the Wapuu Fan Club site
It all started when Matt Mullenweg (the co-founder of WordPress) went to Japan in 2009. While there the Japanese WordPress community asked him if they could create a mascot. Matt said yes as long as it was GPL licensed and designed by an illustrator who understands the open source community. The community asked Kazuko Kaneuchi, who had experience in creating the Japanese NetBeans mascot, Neko-bean.

Once the design was done a vote was held to decide the name. 67 different names were proposed and the voting began on August 2, 2011. Over 530 votes were cast and “wappy” was the winner. However, it was discovered that there was already a Japanese company using the name wappy so the second place name was chosen, wapuu (わぷー). wapuu was officially unveiled at WordCamp Fukuoka 2011. The WordPress world has never been the same.

WordCamp Philly Wapuu

Since the original Wapuu was born, other WordCamps have created their own versions. Visit the Wapuu Archive to see more.

While at WordCamp London, Brad Williams tweeted Wapuunk to the WordCamp Philly organizers. It was quickly decided that WordCamp Philly needed a Wapuu.

Tracy Levesque, being a fan of all things Kawaii, designed a collection of Wapuu for WordCamp Philly: Rocky Wapuu, Pretzel Wapuu, Cheesesteak Wapuu and Krimpuu.

Look for them at WordCamp Philly this year!


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